About Us


We are truly a family owned, small business, that works seven days a week, to meet our customer's needs. If you want quality products and honest, reliable, service then you need to look no further. 21 Country family of stores is your answer. We are accessible. We do not hide behind multiple layers of management. We are on the sales floor, helping our customers, answering the telephone, and "ringing" customers up. 

21 Country is a big part of our community. A community made up of diverse individuals with a wide range of interests and beliefs. We contribute to our community in many ways and support all of our fellow community members. We support the arts, volunteer emergency services, youth sports, animal shelters, food banks, not-for-profit organizations, schools,  and many more. 

Our family has first-hand knowledge of the products we sell. We have demolished, cleaned, and painted stuff, soldered pipes, ran wires, planted grass, landscaped, stained the deck, fixed the broken toilet, and on and on. We have the nicks, bangs, bruises, and aches and pains to show for it. And we have the valuable firsthand experience to share with you. 

If you are looking for a wide selection of quality products;If you are interested in honesty and integrity; If you care where you spend your hard earned money, Then 21 Country is the answer to your shopping needs. We buy local ourselves and encourage you to do the same, as local small owned businesses directly affect the monies that support our local communities.  We know you have a choice, and are glad that you choose to shop with us for your hardware, gasoline and convenience store needs.