Monthly Maintenance Tips


Reorganize! Replace! Revamp! It's a brand new year, start it off right!


It's cold outside, so perfect for your indoor projects. Start those seeds now!


This month you'll get an extra hour of daylight to get some early spring planning done.


Get the spring cleaning done early so you can get on the golf course even sooner.


May is the most popular shrub and perennial planting month. Plant your new gardens or continue planting your old ones.


The weather should be perfect for painting; you just need to watch the forecast for rain.


Make sure you have your outdoor living space cleaned and stocked with the supplies you need to enjoy your down time.


Keep on top of your pool maintenance. Heavy rains or extreme heat can wreak havoc with your chemical balances.


It's fall ya'll.  Break out the rakes and leaf bags. After a hard day of work, relax with friends around the fire pit.


Crisp evenings and less daylight are now strong reminders that fall is in full swing. Winter is fast approaching and now is the time to finish your fall cleaning, fall cleanups, and to get ready for winter. Thanksgiving is just around the corner!


Now is the time to get any last minute projects done before the holidays and the arrival of winter. Create a schedule to follow and you will be able to get your projects done and still have time to relax with friends and family around the Thanksgiving table.


December should provide you with some free time. Most likely you will use most of this free time preparing for the holidays, but make sure you take the time to relax and enjoy the season.